Unholy Truths

8th September 2007 - 15th December 2007

Unholy Truths is the third exhibition at Initial Access of new works from the Frank Cohen Collection, curated by David Thorp. The current fashion for the ‘Gothic’ in contemporary art is acknowledged in Unholy Truths but has been extended and deepened, avoiding the pastiche of imagery that graces the walls of so many exhibitions today.

Introducing new artists to the West from India and China, alongside European and American artists, Unholy Truths demonstrates that the macabre can translate into the satirical and that the satirical can become the profane.

Artists in the exhibition include Dirk Bell, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Dan Colen, Till Gerhard, Matthew Greene, Mike Kelley, Terence Koh, Tallur L.N, Yue Minjun, Sudarshan Shetty, and Andro Wekua

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