Time Difference

31st March 2007 - 26th July 2007

New painting and sculpture across the International Date Line

Time Difference is an exhibition of recent painting from China and sculpture from America. Its two main focal points are the cities of Beijing and Los Angeles. Two cities that represent the nuclei for contemporary art in their respective societies around which the new art is grouping.

For the past six or seven years there has been an increasing curiosity in the astonishing speed of China’s emergence on the globe as one of the key players and a potential competitor of America. One of the most obvious phenomenon is the coming of age of many young talented Chinese artists.

China is one day ahead of America across the International Date Line. Across this divide artists are responding in different ways to the huge changes that are occurring around them. Interestingly, however, some common themes emerge. The individual’s relationship with history, alienation and the assertion of identity that is a characteristic of modern society, are recurring subjects in the work of both groups of artists.

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