Thukral and Tagra

Coming Soon At Your Neighbourhood 2008
Acyrlic and oil on canvas
732cm x 244cm (over six canvases)

Thukral and Tagra

Born 1976, Jalandhar, Punjab, India.
Lives and works in New Delhi.

Born 1979, New Delhi, India.
Lives and works in New Delhi

Designer/artist duo Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra work collaboratively in a wide variety of media including graphics, videos, music, interiors, product design, paintings, sculpture and installations. Their practice fuses the current influx of the Western mainstream with India’s deep-rooted cultural heritage which their portraits and wall drawings combine in a typically quirky, kitsch and eye-catching way.

I never wanted to do things that others were doing .I come from a middle class family, very conventional; my mother used to paint and I learned drawing from her. My brother is an architect and my dad is a businessman.
I really thank my parents for all their support and am glad to be an artist.
My influences include: Pink Floyd, Sigmund Freud, Salvador Dali, Dehli Metro stations and lot of day to day observations.
Sumir Tagra

I belong to a small town: Jalander, Punjab. My dad is a wrestler and a famous artist in Punjab. I am highly influenced by him, but he wanted me to become a Pehalwan (body builder), which I never tried. I started working with him when I was a kid. We did two group shows in 1992. My influences include: toys, Punjabi underground music, Sikh movements, my dad, Stefan Sagmeister, Klan.
Jiten Thukral